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Buying an Oriental Rug With Confidence


Zaki Oriental RugsZaki is the first to say that it’s entirely possible for two rugs to look alike superficially and yet be vastly different in real quality and value. “Regulation in this industry is next to nil,” Zaki relates. “That has allowed unscrupulous dealers to misrepresent handmade products for years… giving rug importers, as a whole, a bad name. As a result, some people shy away from buying rugs because they are unsure how to judge quality and value for themselves.“

A quality rug can serve your family for generations. So you should make a wise decision when purchasing a fine oriental rug. In doing so, you should consider several aspects to determine the quality and value of a specific rug, which will help ensure you are getting the best possible rug for your investment. In addition, a rug of truly fine quality will increase in value if cared for properly.


Choose A Reputable Dealer


Like a fine painting or beautiful piece of furniture, the characteristics of an oriental rug are determined by the skill and intent of those who created it. An important link between the craftsman and the ultimate owner is the dealer. His ability and willingness to answer questions, the satisfaction he guarantees, and the reputation for quality and fairness he enjoys are all-important factors to consider.

A reputable dealer will clearly explain to you the particular quality indicators of the rug you are considering. Also, visit several stores and make comparisons among rugs and prices.


4 Rules To Consider When Choosing An Oriental Rug


Hereke Handknotted RugKnots per square inch – This is the laymen’s point of reference and often the only aspect most dealers use to justify the price of their rugs.  Most buyers relate the number of knots per square inch to the end price of the carpet.  However there is much more involved. In fact, you can easily find rugs of the same knot count ranging in price from under $1,000 to well over $40,000.

In addition, even many dealers cannot, or will not, accurately gauge the knot count of a handmade rug and often over-exaggerate the count to inflate their prices. When selecting your rug, always flip it over and view the back side. The pattern on the back should be sharp, clear, and consistent.  In high-knot count rugs, the back of the rug is nearly as beautiful as the front.


Rule Number One – Don’t base the price of your rug on knot count alone.


Genuine Hereke RugQuality of Craftsmanship – This is arguably the most important factor in determining the price of any rug. Authentic oriental rugs are hand-knotted by a person, not a machine.  Every weaver differs in their talent and ability.  Only the most skilled craftsmen (and women) will produce quality rugs with extremely high knot counts. 


However, a very talented weaver can also create beautiful rugs at any knot count. As with any product or service, the producer (or owner) of the business will assign their best talent to create the best end product.  They also will provide this highly skilled talent with the best possible materials, the best designs, and the support (designers, trimmers, finishers, and even washers) so they can produce the highest value from the end product.  So it only makes sense that when you start with a very good understanding of quality of craftsmanship, you can expect to find the highest quality materials, the best designs, the most intricate designs, the highest knot counts, and in some cases, the largest sized rugs. 

Keep in mind that rug weaving is a long, tedious task requiring extreme concentration over months and months, even years, of working on the same rug.  Remember, weavers are humans. A bad day, illness, or distractions at home can cause an exceptional rug to be reduced in quality to just a very good rug. This lapse in concentration will affect the overall final price of the rug.


Zaki Oriental Rug ShowroomIt is getting harder and harder to find weavers who are talented enough to produce the finest of the finest quality rugs.  Since over 70% of the cost of producing a rug is paid to the weaver, it makes sense that the more talented the weaver, the more expensive the rug.

When you visit our showroom, from within our vast inventory, we will gladly spend the time to show you the difference in quality in craftsmanship of various rugs. Most rug dealers do not have the inventory on hand to show you this difference side-by-side.


Once you understand and can determine comparable quality, only then will you be able to gauge the true value of a rug.


Rule Number Two – learn to distinguish the variations in quality of craftsmanship as this will have the most impact on the overall price of the rug.

Quality of Material Authentic Oriental and Persian rugs are primarily made from two types of material… wool and silk.  The country of origin, area of origin, and style or type of rug will typically determine the type of material.

Most people don’t understand that there are extreme differences in quality of materials. Both wool and silk may have dozens of levels of quality.  Some producers even offer rugs made from “fake” or “artificial” silk.  Artificial silk is any silk that doesn’t originate from the silkworm cocoon. This can be mercerized cotton, rayon, treated nylon, or even bamboo. 

Zaki Oriental RugsAs we described above, over 70% of the cost of a rug is paid to the weaver. First, train yourself to determine quality of craftsmanship. Why would a producer skimp on materials to save a few dollars and then allow their most talented weavers to create a rug that would not produce the highest value? Once you have identified a rug made by a talented weaver you will most likely have a rug made from better materials as well.

The dying process can also affect the value and aesthetics of your rug. Look for sharp, clear and vibrant colors. Once you examine several rugs side-by-side, you can see the difference in colors and finish.


Rule Number Three – learn to distinguish the quality of the materials used to produce your rug.


Size – This may be the most obvious of factors that determine the price and value of a rug. With all other aspects being relatively equal, the larger the rug, the higher the price. When making your final decision, you should ultimately purchase the appropriate sized rug for your room.  But if comparing rugs of equal characteristics, the price of each rug should also be relative to the size.


Rule Number Four – take into consideration the size and all other aspects of the rugs you are considering prior to making your final decision.

Selecting a rug that can last your lifetime and then be passed on to future generations can seem like a daunting task.  Let us help.  It is truly our pleasure to serve you. It's truly not as complicated as it may sound, especially when you have educated yourself a bit and choose a rug merchant who will take the time to explain each of the qualities noted above.


When in doubt, PLEASE give us a call.  We will offer our guidance and answer any questions you may have.

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What our customers have to say...

"After several futile attempts this spring to find quality oriental area rugs in the greater Washington, DC area, some friends told me about their successful experience of driving to High Point, NC and finding area rugs that were perfect. 

Was the 6-hour drive worth making? After visiting them in their home and seeing the beautiful rugs they had purchased from Zaki Oriental Rugs, that question was answered. 

Last month we drove to High Point and had a marvelous experience. We were warmly welcomed and treated like guests in this incredible showroom. Given the showroom’s size, we wondered how long it would take to narrow down the options. Thanks to the way the rugs are arranged, our worries evaporated. Our questions were answered and details about workmanship were shared. 

As our knowledge about hand-knotted rugs increased, we gained an appreciation for the value of the rugs displayed. In the end, we selected two magnificent rugs that grace our home. We had the privilege of working with both Zaki and an associate. They were professional, knowledgeable and personable---a welcome combination in today’s high-pressure sales environment. 

If you are looking for quality oriental rugs unparalleled in value, a trip to Zaki Oriental Rugs in High Point, NC will not disappoint."

Harold Pease